Montag, 15.07.2024

Weltpolitische Muskelspiele: Xi Jinping besucht Europa


Uwe Simon
Uwe Simon
Uwe Simon ist ein erfahrener Politikredakteur, der mit seiner Präzision und Gründlichkeit überzeugt.

China’s President Xi Jinping is currently on a visit to Europe, aiming to strengthen China’s special relationships with certain European countries and to drive a wedge between the EU and the USA. This visit highlights the tension between China’s special ties with autocratic leaders in Europe and the EU’s concerns about unfair Chinese trade practices.

During his visit, Xi Jinping is focusing on strengthening political relationships in France, Serbia, and Hungary. The Chinese President is celebrating China’s special relationships with autocratic leaders in Serbia and Hungary, while China’s influence in these countries is raising concerns about media control and opposition suppression.

Xi Jinping’s visits to Europe underscore China’s geostrategic ambitions and its attempt to divide Europe. The EU and its member states need to carefully consider their relationships with China and its influence in Europe, preparing to address potential challenges.


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